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-Spencer Museum of Art-

The Spencer Museum of Art is the best art museum in all of Kansas. It has over 45,000 original works of art. Come see art collected from all over the world. Come be inspired at the Spencer Museum of Art. 
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Here at the Spencer museum of art there mission is " sustains a culturally diverse collection and encourages interdisciplinary exploration at the intersection of art, ideas, and experience. The Spencer strengthens, supports, and contributes to the academic research and teaching of The University of Kansas and is committed to serving communities of learners across Kansas and beyond." They do so by upholding this though their staff, students, investors and volunteers. 

Back in 1917 art collector Sallie Casey offered over 7,000 art objects to help fund a museum to help inspire art in the mid-west. This eclectic collection had furniture, vases, paintings, sculptures, drawings, textiles and much more. The museum later generally expanded when it accumulated the University of Kansas Museum of Anthropology. It gained over 8,000 cultural objects, with a majority being Native American tools and artwork.  

The museum's permanent collection is full of art from around the world. It has art and objects from African roots, European, Contemporary, Latin and Caribbean influence, Native american and American art. They have everything from Japanese wood prints on scrolls to Native american pottery. At the museum you will see all the cultural diversity that art has, and how it can draw us together.  

Come visit the Spencer Museum of art to be inspired. See all the cultural diversity and different styles of art that cultures and individuals use to express and how the many different art movement s have effected art over time. Visit the museum to be inspired and learn more. To see more visit their website.